The Promise of Yoga

The promise of Yoga is huge. It promises us a life full of richness and meaning, a healthy body and sharp mind. We all seek to make the most out of our life (another promise of yoga). We strive for physical health and mental clarity, to live a life in which we are free.

But what good is a promise if it is left unfulfilled. If we are not careful, yoga promises a feast but leaves us locked out of the dining room, only being able to sense the deliciousness within… still yearning.

Over the past fifteen years I have endeavored to strip away the extraneous and esoteric aspects of the rich teachings of yoga to discover what could these teachings really mean and how could they serve us in a modern, 21st century world. What good are these teachings if we do not know how to apply them to our lives and live them, if we cannot break the hard shell of esoteric spirituality to access the sweet juice locked inside?

 My approach to teaching has been to share the ideas of yoga in a most accessible and practical fashion. What works, what makes sense and what serves us. Philosophically, I have strived to make this rich tradition practical and attainable. Physically, I have sought to create and understand mobility in the human body – the combination of flexibility (freedom) and strength (power)  to live with the full potential of the amazing, evolved bodies we have inherited, passed down through thousands of generations.
Every time I step up to teach, my intention is not just to inspire, but to educate and offer tools of transformation that are useful and practical to your everyday life. The practice and fulfillment of the promise of yoga begins when we step off the mat and back into our lives, implementing these ideas and tools to live a life of meaning, purpose and value.
This is who I am as a teacher and this is what I offer. I hope you will join me.
Spring, a time of promise and new potential, is just around the corner, so come join me soon and get your livin’ on!